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I'm in Central Texas and keep my pool open all winter (this is the first winter using TFP methods). I've searched and read a few threads, but haven't gotten what i'm looking for (not to say i didn't miss it). Details: 1. I've been monitoring the chlorine and pH levels regularly and they are hardly changing. Chlorine goes down either 1ppm or less daily. pH is staying fairly regular at 7.6-7.8 (which is where i want to be based on pool math/CSI). 2. While we do have a large tree, and thus leaves, we are keeping them scooped up fairly regularly throughout the day. 3. Once the temps get below 36f, the pump kicks on to circulate the water to prevent freezing in pipes. Question: 1. If i keep my chlorine level appropriate to my CYA (using bleach), is there any (proper care) reason to run the pump (separate from freezing temp cycles)? I guess i'm specifically asking if there is a scientific reason to circulate/filter the water. I've been experimenting with only running it manually, once per week for a few hours (to add my chemicals). 2. Is this pattern going to rear up and bite me, or is it reasonable? water remains clear and CSI is being maintained.
Category: pool Post By: LEO BREWER (Newark, OH), 02/07/2019

You are maintaining your FC based on the [FC/CYA][/FC/CYA] and your pH is good. So, no, you really do not need to run the pump very often with the water well below 60F. But be aware, as you get into early spring, that you will want to run the pump more often as the water warms. I still run ours a few hours a day but with a VS pump it only costs me about 10 cents per day. Take care.

- SHEILA GUZMAN (Richland, WA), 03/24/2019

Thank you sir.

- ANITA MENDEZ (League City, TX), 04/02/2019

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