Forum Title: Opening Salt pool (no salt yet)
Hi all, I have a SWG pool however, I drained the pool this winter to start with new water as I was unable to get the chemistry right last year. So, new water and salt cell removed. I want to ask what the recommended procedure for opening the pool is? should I SLAM before opening? I do not believe I have anything growing in the pool as my highest levels of CCs have been 0.5 this winter. Should I bring up the chlorine level before adding salt? And to what level? Also how about CYA? Do I bring it up before adding salt or after? My latest pool check: pH 7.8 (I have been checking pH religiously as it was my main issue. I bring it down to 7.0 and never let it go above 7.8) FC 3.5 CC 0.0 TA 55 CH 350 CYA 45 Salt 500 temp 55 any other tips are also appreciated! Thank you Also: I removed the SWG and turned the heat off this winter. Plaster pool, 1 year old, 6000 gal. Las Vegas, NV
Category: pool Post By: LEON BOWMAN (Bolingbrook, IL), 03/13/2019

I'm confused- will you be using a SWG again or not? Either way you need to get some chlorine in there, as well as some CYA. I'd suggest taking the CYA up to 50 and the FC up to 8ppm. Then you can maintain that while you decide what you want to do about how to chlorinate. Maddie

- GEORGE MOORE (Providence, RI), 04/03/2019

BMSA, I see no reason to SLAM, but if you want, you can run an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test, just to be sure... See this.. If it passes than you should be good to go to me... you can install the cell anytime, but I would not turn it on for about 24 hours after you have added the salt. You can then start adding CYA to bring your level up to 70 to 80 ppm.. Thanks for posting, Jim R.

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Miramar, FL), 04/20/2019

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